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??? !!


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Hmm, so the connection between the black roses Dylan's received and the Undertaker's Daughter is made finally. While she may be the source of the roses, I currently believe Cail (with Chris being a distant runner up suspect) is the one actually delivering them, as only Cail and Chris have been in the vicinity of both rose deliveries. Though whether Cail is the brains of the act or the Undertaker's Daughter is instead is up for interpretation at this point.

And huh… looks like Dylan went through a door that was intended to go outside and is now in some under maintained… greenhouse perhaps? Looks like Dapper Jerry's back at it.

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It hadn't occurred to me that the Undertaker's Daughter might not have friendly intentions, but you're right, she is definitely a suspect. Assuming that the roses are ill-intentioned, that is.

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My working hypothesis is that the black roses aren't supernatural, but mundane, as I can't find any good connection between them and Ghost Jerry or Dapper Jerry. As a symbol of death, my guess is that they're like a pirate's black spot parchment, an omen that you're going to die/be executed.

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"working hypothesis"
You are one of the few people I know who actually use the term. Thumbs-up! Although I often say it incorrectly myself because people are just super used to "theory" and this is not acedemic research... or is it??

I have a hard time pinning anything against the girl. She knew Cail and Cail is weird and could easily take the flowers. Probably did as well. That is how the flowers ended up in various places. However, if it were her then that changes things but still, I cannot any reason why she would do that. Unless she really had something for Jerry or other reasons.
My bet is still Cail at this point.

I do not think the flowers are supernatural myself but probably have supernatural effects against ghosts or something to that effect.
Somebody (Cail?) was using them and probably knows about the ghosts (or the phenomenon however real or fake it is). Since the girl knows a bit about ghosts, are saying that could be the clue?

Dylan returned the flower so we will see how that goes.

Also, holy crap... I still do not get how good Moth is in portraying disturbed Dylan. Just hoping NOTHING is based on personal experiences... LMAO :D :D

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Yeah, I'm as guilty as the next when using theory wrong in a sentence. I'm only using it right because I got a scientist friend who drilled it into me (Lovingly of course). As an aside, I prefer the word theory since it's so much shorter, and easier to say since it has fewer syllables, so I still use it wrong on occasion. I just endure loads of inner turmoil as I decide between the easier word and the right word.

It's hard to say what the Undertaker's Daughter would or wouldn't do, since we've only once seen her when Dylan hasn't just shown up at her home. I'm not saying I honestly think she's done something evil at this point, but the possibility remains.

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I think we've been here before: http://je-re-my.thecomicseries.com/comics/93/
The building likely used to be a church, what with the graveyard and all, so I guess it's a good place to confront a ghost...

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I think you'll find this comic is a spooky-free zone

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If there weren't evidence otherwise, I'd say this is a suggestion of Dylan having never been a twin, but manifested a twin to represent his thoughts/feelings he couldn't manage.

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I once considered trying to make that a canon explanation but I couldn't make it work :'D

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