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Welcome to last minute dialogue rewriting, featuring My Handwriting

Idk what dylan intends to do to 'win' but i don't think SJ is going to appreciate what's happening to his hospital :(


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it gets worse, he was originally meant to yell I AM NOT INSANE in the last panel but the irony was too strong

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Although I'd bet a good way to make somebody crazy would be supernaturally making them have various symptoms of crazy...

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Holy shit that would have been fantastic

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why would you make me regret my choices like this

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Im sorry also I just realized fancy italics were an option and now im never gonna stop using them

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There's one thing that bothers me. Dylan killing Jeremy was his own fault, but him killing Rob was a manipulation from Suit Jerry, who we know is Rob's brother. If they had a close enough relationship for Rob to go into denial, why would Rob's brother want him dead?

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I think "SJ" manipulated Dylan into killing Jerry? Not Rob. I do not think we know who killed Rob and dumped him into the drain. My suspicion is Corey. But maybe I need a refresher. Sure!

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Ah yeah. By now Dylan is the expert at always ending up striking the forehead with a blunt object.

I guess we need to know a bit more about all the connections but yeah, it is like "Suit Jerry" used him to kill Jerry and now it was the right time to dispose of him. Like disposing of a weapon which for a ghost does not make sense. He had something against the family (maybe) but heck if I know what and IF their Mom was also included back then then it all looks quite systematic and... twisted D:

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Ok wow I didn’t notice that forehead parallel but now it feels incredibly poignant, I love it

16th Jan 2019, 6:50 PM edit | delete | reply

I am in love with Dyl’s expression in the “I know you’re here” panel. Also that last frame feels like a callback to the flashback scene on P28 of Bonfire and wow my heart

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