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Robin that's such a good plan what could possibly go wr


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If it wasn’t for Vic mentioning that the girlfriend wanted to chat, I would’ve taken the scribble over her eyes as a sign that she’s also dead.

Wonder who the kid is in the hoody. Robin’s bro? Looks young.

And it looks like Dapper Jerry has struck some kind of a deal.

If I was suspicious of the red object in Corey’s drawer before, now I’m ready to throw it in an evidence bag. That is not a friendly face there Corey.

I wonder if Dapper Jerry is inside Dylan. Not quite possession, more like a metaphysical brain tumor. Might explain why Jerry seems oblivious to his doppelgänger. From Dylan’s perspective, Dapper Jerry would be a mental projection, while Ghost Jerry would be the result of a 6th sense.

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Poor corey getting all the suspicion, maybe he just doesn't like random people walking into his room ;)

There certainly is something different about the ways Jerry and suit Jerry manifest, huh!

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Yeah. I think there is more to her but hopefully we will hear what she had to say to Vic.
Rob does not sound like he just wants to take her because he is done with his life there and wants to start elsewhere. It sounds like he wants to protect her no matter what despite her seemingly different idea of fun or just that she does not want to leave?
Whatever is the case, it did not work out. Since she talked I guess she did witness something and the panels suggest that and that MAYBE Suit Jerry was involved? But in that case Jerk Jerry still alive? I suspect it might have been Jerry who put most of this into motion.

Haha! Corey walks into his room and sees the brother of his deceased friend snooping around and telling him what is he doing there (illusion or not). Kinda makes you annoyed BUT I also think Cory will not take this the best way. Or he will and will play it friendly. Still, if I were Corey I would start to think someone (Dylan) is investigating me or thinks I am somehow connected. Cannot be a coincidence, right?

I do not think so but... there is not much to go on about anyway so perhaps! I mentioned it a few times but I think the real Jerry split into his two main personalities. The normal cool guy AND the jerk who was causing trouble. Why the ghosts seemingly do not know about each other... Good point. Maybe the same way Jerry did not think much of the times when he was an a-hole. Hm.

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I have so many thoughts on who Suit Jerry is. But he seemed to be around way back then because on this page he seems to be the one covering Dylan's eye shortly after Jerry pushed him down the stairs. Maybe Suit Jerry is a ghost/demon who appeared to a young Dylan at the hospital(possibly with a different face) offering his help to get back at Jerry one day, and Dylan accepted, but as he grew older he forgot about the pact he made.

Or maybe it's just a distorted memory that never happened. If so, I feel like if Suit Jerry is a part of Jerry. Maybe he was "born" when Jerry pushed Dylan, and he's the the most evil of Jerry that has been a separate conscious inside Jerry's heart who split after his death. He could possibly be the one who's been responsible for some of Jerry's worst actions, like pulling out Chris's lip piercing.

But if Suit Jerry is only inside Dylan, maybe he's not really a part of Jerry, but a part of Dylan's heart born from the part of him that hated Jerry the most, but for some reason has decided to manifest himself as Jerry and torture himself. Not too sure why though...

Maybe he's Robin's ghost disguised as Jerry for some reason...

Orrrrr he's Jerry's fairy god-father out to avenge the death of his godchild.... jk

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If you look at the second to last panel of this page and the first panel of the page after you'll see Dapper Jerry's first appearance in the comic, at least as far as current time goes. (The frame was actually copied for the flashback you linked to)

Also something to keep in mind, Dylan confesses everything at Jerry's grave. If Dapper Jerry didn't know the details of Dylan's murder before hand, he was certainly informed then.

For the theories you listed, I think I'm leaning the most on that Dapper Jerry is actually Robin. It might explain why Dylan has access to some of Rob's memories. It also opens the possibility that the 'memory' of Dylan dragging Rob off wasn't his own memory, but Robin's. On that note, I've been suspecting Corey the most of Robin's murder, but this potentially opens the possibility of it being Jerry. Or at least, Jerry disposing of the body after Corey and/or Jerry killed him, and then Robin mistook Dylan for Jerry.

(Also excellent taste with the Kyle Hyde avatar)

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*me avidly checking all these links as though I don't already know exactly what's going on here*

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I had noticed him but for some reason I always thought it was Constable Vic, that makes much more sense know that I looked at it again.
Did you also notice Corey staying hidden in the background of the funeral holding something? But it could just be a pamphlet, like the one Dylan is holding...

And thank you, Kyle Hyde is awsome.

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I actually hadn't noticed Corey there. That's one really sharp eye you have. (That or mine's exceptionally dull. I can't tell you how many times I've looked at that page and not noticed Corey there.) I honestly dismissed Corey's absence from the funeral as a consequence of their fight.

As for what Corey is holding… it's certainly hard to make out. At first glance, I think it looks like a wallet, but it could also be a pamphlet like you said. My wild card guess is that it's Jerry's jacket. If you ignore the color as a result of lighting, it sort of matches the jacket's collar.

And, something I just observed…Cail has the same slash over his eyes as Rob's girlfriend in the current page. I'm not sure what the connection (direct or indirect) between them could be though.

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LMAO, so much stuff always pops up while I am gone :D

1) I cannot really assume Suit Jerry is Robin or at least I do not know what "kind" of Robin. Suit Jerry was already present at the hospital if I am not mistaken. Unless he was just causing that memory but then Rob's significance still escapes me.
We already said Ghost Jerry would not lie about things but honestly the possibility of confusion and lost memories is still there. But if Jerry really found Robin's body in the sewers then Suit Jerry would have to be Ghost Rob. Maybe. Then he could overhear Dylan's "confession" at the grave and started taunting him. However, since it is not longer super certain Dylan actually killed anyone (or Jerry at least) I am so sure and then that would mean Suit Jerry is also confused/lying.
What do we actually have about Robin vs. Dylan?

2) Wow! That is a very good catch there! Cail does have a similar line over his eyes. I suspected Cail before but it was mostly like with Chris. He is just shifty but has not appeared much since so I dunno. Good point though. Another thing, is he like smirking at the end and hiding his mouth? I could be reading too much into it but he is the only calm person there almost like: "What are you going to do next, Dylan?"

EDIT: So ideas will not get lost and maybe someone can work with them, haha.
Following Wooster's good observations in a chat we assume the following:
Cail was the stab victim. That would be similar to Chris being Jerry's victim. Both seem odd although that is not saying much. However, both Rob and Jerry are conveniently dead. Wooster pointed out that Cail could have orchestrated Rob's murder. I think if that is the case then that will make Cory the judge. He could have killed Rob because he thought or knew he killed Jerry. Both Rob and Jerry (the troublemakers) are dead. Cail and/or Chris are unrelated. Perfect murder.

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It seems like nothing stays dead in this town, indeed...

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