6 in Floods
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So I noticed I drew beth in the wrong dress, so I redrew it and replaced the page only to realise a couple of hours later I had saved over the new file with the original file and never changed anything at all. so I'm gonna do that tomorrow.


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oh damn

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Oh. Oh? Ooooh. I'm confused now?
I love this. Can't wait for more <3

6th Apr 2019, 9:15 PM edit | delete | reply

Were you expecting something different?
I can't wait to share more!! I'm really excited for the next pages aaa

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Awwwww Corey nooooo, moth why must you hurt him so

Of course he blames himself for this, he’s too damn protective and soft for his own good. Get the boy a warm blanket, a hug and a solid few years of therapy because at this point he dearly needs it

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I guess I didn't do anything directly horrible to Corey, but I definitely feel the worst for him out of all the characters. Stranding Malachy at the hospital? eh that bastard can cope, Corey probably feels shit for a week if he steps on a beetle

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Oh god my HEART

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Hm. I have to ask when Corey decided to kill Robin though. After he saw Jerry's body and assumed Robin killed him? At least I still think he does not know what actually happened.
Asking because that makes Corey seem like he decided to kill Robin as some very extreme solution to this squabble. Did not think he would have that in him...
Otherwise you can say he lost it when he saw what happened.

7th Apr 2019, 6:52 PM edit | delete | reply

Well, right now he just plans to let Robin go and beat Jerry up, since Corey's done helping him out for nothing in return. No murderous intent towards Rob at all!

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