5 in The Funeral
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Author Note

6th Nov 2016, 12:21 AM edit | delete

eugh I rushed this page and drew most of it today, because I'm going away tomorrow so I wanted it done. I did want to do something nicer with the scenery or the angles or something but didn't so I promise I'll try harder next page :')

Also what is dylan's expression in the last panel, I don't even know


6th Nov 2016, 1:42 AM edit | delete | reply

Honestly, "What for?" would probably be my reaction, too.

Fortunately, my brother has long-since moved out of our house, so no risk of me suddenly and inexplicably murdering MY brother!

8th Nov 2016, 8:06 PM edit | delete | reply

Hrmmm mighty suspicious that you had to mention that

Yeah, I'd probably say 'thanks' and awkwardly shuffle away.

6th Nov 2016, 7:48 PM edit | delete | reply

"What for?"
Holy crap! That shows how he sees it. Murder or not. Man.
The expression actually says it. Something between "well, I am glad he is dead" and "gotta put up the sad face".
Go to Hell, Dylan!

Also... uh. Orange hair + black lipstick. Nice :>

8th Nov 2016, 8:02 PM edit | delete | reply

Huh, interesting you think that... I kinda meant it more that he's pretty awkward and gets confused when the girl hands him an umbrella then apologises.

Black and orange is never not a good combo!

8th Nov 2016, 9:29 PM edit | delete | reply

No problem! I simply cannot stand his thought processes and decisions! Fictionally speaking.
He is a jerk. To say it ASTRONOMICALLY nicely.

9th Nov 2016, 2:59 AM edit | delete | reply

this is so gorgeous! you really know how to color! and the expressions are A+++

9th Nov 2016, 11:16 PM edit | delete | reply

Aaa, thank you! *v*
That means a lot to me!

11th Nov 2016, 6:22 PM edit | delete | reply

I've HAD this "i'm sorry' discussion at a funeral before. Alllll kinds of awkward.

14th Nov 2016, 5:13 PM edit | delete | reply

JeReMy: a comic that's... #relatable??

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