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9 pages left of Bonfire


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aaaaaaaaaaaaa you're so close!!

i can't wait to see where the rest of this goes! Fantastic work as usual. The lighting and environments are beautifully drawn Moth!

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thank you!! this is probably my 2nd favourite location
hope you enjoyy

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Now wondering how much remorse is Dylan going to show here. Heh. One reason being that he hated his bro but others certainly did not. Although that would take a LOT out of past Dylan to realize that.

And no, not expecting him to say a word but sure, that would quite surprising. "I have something to tell you all. It was me."

Also, HUG Beth but... Feeling partially responsible like that is not going to let her move on :(
Understandable "I wish I did..." though. Seriously, both brothers had plenty of people on their side. Ah well.

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let's see if he can hold it together through the night :D Everyone missing Jerry might get to him a bit.

Yah dylan isn't the only one here with regrets. Beth doesn't show it mostly but she's actually pretty torn up about it

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guys chris is wearing the confession on his head

chris did it

his hat says killer

c l o s e d

8th Nov 2018, 1:54 AM edit | delete | reply

can't argue with that

have fun in the feckin' slammer, christopher

8th Nov 2018, 9:38 AM edit | delete | reply

Maybe it's just code, maybe he's labeling the true killer
Watch him take it off and stick it on Dylan before running off into the night

8th Nov 2018, 4:50 AM edit | delete | reply

I feel like this Bonfire might be a cover for them all to talk about how they know he did it and I feel like theirs a possibility that they all had a hand in it getting to the point it did as well. Still wondering if original Jerry's gonna reappear. The way he vanished was too abrupt, like he teleported, but where would he go other than the Bonfire?

8th Nov 2018, 10:51 PM edit | delete | reply

It's like when the detective gathers all his suspects in one room and dramatically reveals the killer

But hey even if jerry doesn't come back, we've still got suit jerry, maybe he can be tamed

9th Nov 2018, 7:22 PM edit | delete | reply

"we've still got suit jerry, maybe he can be tamed"
lmao, now I see this comedy spin-off called: My Brother is a Dead Ghost!?

For real though: I mentioned this once but I hope the ghosts will go away once this is settled. It would not work and it would make it even worse. Dead people stay dead. It is hella painful for everyone, even Dylan now, but things heal over time and remain as cool memories. A ghost is just a ghost before you realize how limited such a being would be :/

What I am curious about is that if it turns out someone else can see him in time... Hm.

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