7 in Drain
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1) Dylan' fear of him being the suspect looks very sincere here. Huh. I am actually not sure if he would be able to pull such a convincing act in front of his victim brother right based on his own story. Hm.

2) Jerry's story makes the most sense by default and I guess what everyone should assume at this point? Not that it has been suggested plenty before. This also might be linked to point 1) depending on how much you believe Dylan MIGHT be different after all.

3) Corey. Yep. To be honest, I also do not like Chris but nothing to pin on Chris just yet that would work. Also, that feeling when you forget past ideas related to this :/
What if Dylan killed Rob and thought he killed Jerry? Eh. Then Corey killed Jerry instead of Rob OR he used the opportunity and killed Jerry because he had a problem with him. Then lied about the fact that he was at the party at the time.
I find it cheesy but perhaps someone else can work with it.

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He certainly is very scared of being the main suspect hehehe

You think Chris is suspicious, huh? looks like Dylan can't have even one friend ha

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Chris' past bad experiences with Jerry could be a red herring, sure! My problem with him however, is that Chris acted so... happy and casual about everything to the point when it was eerie and kinda annoying? Could just be his personality, sure.
I leave this until I can say something for sure because my suspicions related to Chris are as of right now heavily biased and not much else.

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Dylan looks so guilty in panel 2.

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And there's Jerry, so oblivious

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I still like Corey for killing someone, I'm just not sure who yet now that MadJak has mentioned his points on Chris and Jerry has given his theory. All very interesting. :)

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