19 in Noose Hill
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...I don't know how clear I made it that he's just ended up looping back to the same spot. hm.

I got my butt on twitter, where I'll prooobably post WIPs and stuff if that's interesting to you?


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The page pretty much sums up what I've been thinking :) But said in a short enough way that people who were onto it don't feel talked down to, and yet clear enough that if you aren't up to speed, you got clarification. Hmmm I gotta learn from that.... :)

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Aw thank you, Proxy! knowing to what degree to explain things directly is hard

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Now I cannot get that whole hypothesis that states Dylan here actually equals Jerry out of my mind... But I think it is a stretch to think there might be some hint?
If I recall the past event, Jerry was the one people disliked so he kind of became a jerk. Here, we have Jerry stating people dislike Dylan who always seemed like people cared about him. And Dylan's reaction is not exactly affirmative of that but he still unnaturally shocked?
I dunno, lmao, but I like what people started a page back :D

Too soon to say anything but I doubt Dylan can keep up with this for extended period of time. Before long, I think he is going to confess himself. Or worse. It is KINDA crumbling around him at least in the mental department.

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Hehehe we'll just ave to wait for more clues ;D

Well, all Dylan's gotta do is make it through another... 5 five chapters, and he'll have survived the comic! ;)

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Spoiler: The comic runs for 6+ more chapters. =P

19th Jan 2018, 6:18 PM edit | delete | reply

Could be because a mystery only needs as many chapters as the unfolding events require until it is solved but yeah :D
Also, I am kinda disturbed nothing so far totally destroys any of the hypothesis stated on past pages and little bits support most of them here and there.

You know what? I think the kind looking Dad killed them... LMAO

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Huh… if I were Dylan, the "Can't Help Talking to Dead Guys" would've tipped me off, since ya know, plural. But the panel was framed as though "you're just glad someone's talking to you" was the bit that tipped Dylan off. I mean, dapper Jerry's not wrong, but it's still and odd thing to focus on. Does Dylan not think Jerry knows how lonely he is? Curious.

As for the food for thought panel…

Looking back over the archive, Corey did not have his wound when Jerry haunted him at the picnic table after the funeral. With that in mind, while still possible I suppose, I don't think Corey murdered Robin. Or at least, Corey didn't get that wound from murdering Robin. We don't see Corey and the wound until he's at Chris's house. Considering Chris's profile says he's into magic, I'm starting to wonder if Corey offered some sort of blood sacrifice? I'm also curious as to what seemingly made Chris change his mind about hating Jerry.

Further food for thought, Dylan didn't start hallucinating Dapper Jerry until 4pm of the day that Corey gained his wound.

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Hmm Dylan may be noticing something else on that panel!

Hehe I'm looking forward to the next bit with Corey in now :D

17th Jan 2018, 7:14 PM edit | delete | reply

!!!! The hallway looped.

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