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No dylan don't talk to him


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Corey's Movements:

Absent from the Funeral. (Odd since Chris was present)
Was at a picnic table (unknowingly?) haunted by Jerry before Jerry found Dylan. Did not have wound then.
Found playing games at Chris's. Jerry seems to think this is abnormal. Beth didn't know who Chris was when Corey said he had to meet him. (Also noteworthy since Corey pulled Jerry away when he ripped the piercing out.)
Had a cut up hand. Later claimed it was an accident at the garage.
Said he'd rather walk home than be driven home. Jerry points out he lives in the opposite direction.
Claimed he was not invited to the party. He 'and Jez were on bad terms'. Beth says she invited him and that he initially agreed. Then claimed he never wanted to go.
When asked if Rob would kill Jerry, he claimed they barely knew each other, but ultimately concedes that he 'would'.
Kicks bus stop when Dylan leaves and tells Corey he's not Jeremy and doesn't need protecting.
Beth suspects Corey is avoiding her and implies he has not been interviewed by the detectives yet.

Edit: Corey Hypothesis

I think the sequence of events were that Corey was invited to Beth's party. He agreed. Then the 'incident' occurred between Corey and Jeremy. CasualFanboy and Thracecius postulated that there may be a love triangle where Jermey -> Beth -> Corey. The incident may be where the love triangle reaches Jerry's attention and calls off his friendship with Corey because of it. Because of the incident, Corey cuts off all contact with Beth, implying that Corey's relationship with Jeremy is more important to him than Beth is. Because this is a horror comic, I'm uncertain if Corey's fixation on Jeremy is because of an unhealthy obsession, or if Corey is gay and loves Jeremy.

The fact that Corey has explicitly been not interviewed by the detectives yet implies that he's a witness, due to the law of conservation of detail. I don't buy for a moment that Corey's hand injury happened at the garage. Our violent suspects who could've given Corey the injury are Dylan, Robin, and Jeremy. Dylan doesn't seem likely due to the lack of hallucinations. Robin and his box cutter are a very likely combo, but so is Jeremy doing something to warrant it being called 'an incident' between them. I'm going to suspect that Corey got the injury from Robin, if only because of Corey's darkened expression when asked if Robin would kill Jeremy.

You know, it would be darkly ironic if Corey murdered Robin to prevent him from murdering Jerry, only for Dylan to off and do it anyway.

I propose that Corey's significance is that he creates an alibi for Robin. Rob couldn't murder Jerry if he was too busy being murdered himself.

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Connecting all the little details :> Can't say if any of it's right or wrong, but I'm very much enjoying the theories!

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Glad I could be a source of entertainment. I’m sure I’m wildly wrong on multiple points, but piecing together things from an incomplete picture is the fun thing for me with mysteries. Gotta thank you for creating a really great one.

One question though: Beth said she ‘loved’ Corey. I read it as the sort of love one has for a dumb dog or cat, but the other readers thought she might be referring to romantic feelings for Corey. Would you be willing to clarify what Beth meant?

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Beth would probably describe herself as loving all of her friends, so it wasn't expressing romance towards Corey specifically.

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Seriously Dylan. DON'T TALK TO HIM.

Things are starting to get even more interesting!

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I think we're finally approaching the main mystery here!

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Hmm... for the longest time I've been thinking Robin was the one who texted Dylan at the beginning. Now I'm beginning to doubt that, mostly because it kinda fits with Suit Jerry's chain of events too well (namely, gives a motivation for Dylan killing Robin: he knew Dylan was a suspect).

Wow. Until I wrote that, I hadn't realized how paranoid this comic has made me.

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I really like reading you guys' theories. I have one too but it's really far-fetched and has a lot of cracks in it.

Mine is that Jerry actually killed Dylan. It was that when Jerry was drunk and Dylan came to get him he killed Dylan and after realizing what he did, filled with regret he suffered a mental breakdown and wished he had died instead and Dylan lived. He then convinced himself that he was Dylan so that Dylan would still be "alive". Seeing Jerry(really Dylan) dead he assumed he killed him and made up the memories. Now Jerry unstable and believing he is Dylan is finally looking at life through Dylan's perspective and considering what he felt being in his shadow. Bleeding Jerry ghost is a manifestation of his own subconscious who couldn't figure out he's dead because deep down inside he knew he was still alive.
But then when spooky voice turned out to be suit Jerry I felt like it blew my theory away, but when he told Dylan(Jerry) about killing Robin I fell like it helps my theory.
So now I think that originally Jerry being drunk (we know he liked to fight) followed Robin, and killed him. Now in shock and intoxicated, Dylan caught him by surprise and he killed him too and it was too much to bear, and like I wrote earlier convinced himself he was Dylan. So concussion Jerry is a manifestation of himself who knows he is alive and suit Jerry is a manifestation of his guilt and cruel side torturing himself. He might actually know the truth but is withholding it from himself. Also people don't realize "Dylan" is Jerry because so few people actually payed much attention to Dylan and never knew what he was like in the first place but if anyone knew how Dylan acted it would be Jerry (despite them probably getting more and more distant as they grew).

I'm also going with Corey had some obsession with Jerry but still don't know what to think of funeral parlor girl.....

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Huh. I like it. Very Ace Attorney.

Though, I think the idea breaks down when you consider what it would take to maintain the façade. Jerry and Dylan would need to trade clothes as what he was wearing during the party would be readily identifiable. Also, while twin shenanigans are easy enough to pull off on aquaintences, it’s neigh impossible on close relatives.

That said, I really liked reading your theory. It was ultra creative and I’m disappointed that I don’t see it happening because that’d be an AWESOME twist to expose.

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Thank you! Yeah, I thought about the clothes thing too, maybe Jerry switched their clothes, but blood would have probably been smeared everywhere.

Also I'm an identical twin myself and know that you can't trick people once they get to know you. Even if they only know one of the twins, they can tell if they meet the other.

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*raised eyebrow* So are you confessing to pulling off twin shenanigans yourself? What’d You get away with?

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This is probably the first time I see someone thinking it was Jerry who killed Dylan.

That sounds like quite the mindblast, damn, but I think in that case Jerry would be in a completely different mental state. Sure, if we assume ghosts are really just hallucinations and nothing real, or maybe only real for him but like nobody else can ever see them then yeah, that is already a pretty effed up mind but... I think someone like Jerry would need a tremendous amount of self containment to successfully pretend he is Dylan and to cover everything up relatively easy.
Also, I think the family would notice it was Dylan who died? Twin brothers but I still think the family would know.
Lastly, Dylan was reminiscing old memories some pages back and I am not sure Jerry would be able to make them his own like that. Too convincing :D

But yeah. I am also just thinking so... Remains to be seen!

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What's that text that's just discernible across Jerry's suit at the bottom of panel 5?

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Ohh err that's a dodgy use of textures. Trying out a new texture which had a tiny bit of text on it, and I thought I moved it off the panel but apparently not. I can't actually see it on my monitor :o

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Oh, okay! Thought it was Jerry delivering some subliminal message. :b

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