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12th Jul 2017, 6:02 PM edit | delete

What a big, tall page you are.
Some of the expressions I draw make it hard for me to take myself seriously.
Also! British slang directory --> rat-arsed = real drunk


12th Jul 2017, 7:12 PM edit | delete | reply

I dunno what it is about that last frame of Dylan, but he looks awesome O.O

And I wonder, would it be better if they never find Robin? Pin it on him and leave it as a wanted man never found?

Glad you explained Rat-arsed XD Haven't heard that here yet, so I thought it was a hyphen and was like "what's ratarsed?" XD

12th Jul 2017, 7:27 PM edit | delete | reply

He's got dramatic lighting to back him up!

That probably would be useful for Dylan. Otherwise he's got to hope Rob hasn't good a decent alibi.

Hmm I might de-hyphenate the rat-arsed for clarity then :P

12th Jul 2017, 11:43 PM edit | delete | reply

Raining knives should just be renamed to "Jeremy's worst day ever"

also thaT lady knOWS WHATS UP

13th Jul 2017, 10:48 AM edit | delete | reply

He's got worse days to come >:)
Hmm she is not easily fooled

14th Jul 2017, 7:47 PM edit | delete | reply

Dylan is not putting up a very convincing show...
I guess he forgot certain investigators are trained in exactly that. Reading people. Still good for a first time murderer though :D

14th Jul 2017, 9:44 PM edit | delete | reply

Maybe he can learn from the experience and bear it in mind for the next time he does a murder :P

14th Jul 2017, 11:34 PM edit | delete | reply

Oh gosh i missed this comic. Its genius...!

15th Jul 2017, 3:32 PM edit | delete | reply

Wah thank you very much, Shirokuro :D

4th Apr 2018, 7:38 PM edit | delete | reply

In panel 4 it looks like you forgot Jerry's bloody head wound?

4th Apr 2018, 8:48 PM edit | delete | reply

Ah yes I did! I remember someone telling me this before... must've been on tapas.

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