3 in Floods
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JERRY JUST WENT "NOPE" AND POOF'D OUT! At least he's gotten used to that power.

What's interesting is that Jerry was doing a lot of talking...so did that guy (I'm guessing Corey?) hear him? Or was it just from the sounds of water and the body?


Can't wait for the next page!

(Also love those oranges.)

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indeed oranges are my favourite fruit

Dylan was doing some talking and splashing too, he could've been heard.
I think if Jerry is enjoying anything in this story it's being able to do the smoke thing. he probably thinks that's pretty cool.

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The BEEF arriveth, if slightly late. And boy is it good. I too love how Jerry poofs outta there. No one sees you, buddy.

But holy shit. Was that blood...already there? That’s Corey up there, right? What the HELL is Corey doing here? Perhaps he’s pulling a Dyl and making sure the guy he may or may not have clocked didn’t make it, huh...I’d put money on it. God, this scene. The suspense. Everything about it. Good stuff.

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i never used to have a set upload time you know, this is what the need for beef has done to me

surely corey is too lovely to be a murderer :o ANyway thank you, I'm glad to hear it :}

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Beef, it’s what the masses crave

Now when you put it like that, I almost feel bad. “Murderer” is just such an abrasive term :’)

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Yeeesh, is that a hole in Robin's neck?

And… huh… looks like someone beat Dylan to adding their bloody mark.

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He's falling apart.

I guess this town is full of people who like to touch dead bodies >_>

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Maybe there were no killers and it was all natural causes all along

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That hair. That sweater. Yep. Going to check up on things, eh? Although it just might be a terrible coincidence. Since the body has not been found yet then chances are the killer checks up on it once in a while. Heh.

You can run but you cannot hide. Still, there is something you are decent at, Dylan. But I think that would be a huge mistake -_-;

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Gotta check your handiwork is still in good condition : )
are you suggesting Dylan kill this guy, because... there aren't any bricks around.

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Rusty pipes? Strangling him underwater?
I am sure Dylan can be creative but uh, no. Hopefully not this time...

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Ahahaha I love how beef is a thing now

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you have done this to me : (

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Holy crap! i think I get it. Corey was the one who actually killed Robin and he's checking on the body.

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Ooo, it just got creepy again XD

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Dylan Fletcher and the terrible horrible no good very bad idea.

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