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19th Dec 2018, 3:12 PM edit | delete

dylan's got kind of a pattern of getting emotional and then not really paying attention to what he's doing


19th Dec 2018, 3:47 PM edit | delete | reply

The real reason it scared him is what if Dylan also comes back as a ghost? What then huh? Can't disappear from him then he'll just follow you

19th Dec 2018, 3:57 PM edit | delete | reply

he needs his escape route

19th Dec 2018, 4:04 PM edit | delete | reply

Why did Robs bro suddenly dissepeard?

19th Dec 2018, 4:08 PM edit | delete | reply

he got pissed off and vanished
He tends to kind of go away after he gets particularly annoyed, like when he saw the sun thing in chris' room

19th Dec 2018, 5:08 PM edit | delete | reply

He also had a pattern with "Suit Jerry" (What is the next name now? Ghost Rob's Bro(ther) is too long, tsk). Dylan has behavior patterns with everybody :D

Sheesh! You killed your bro then admitted to his ghost everything and the ghost still came back and saved you. Time to agree Jerry can be pretty cool. Soon enough I will start to think Dylan is pushing it on purpose now because that is his preferred state :D

19th Dec 2018, 5:33 PM edit | delete | reply

This from the guy who wouldn't forgive Corey for being rude about his mother one time
not that he's forgiven dylan but he has managed to put it aside for now

19th Dec 2018, 5:42 PM edit | delete | reply

It is true Jerry had issues of his own and his jerk side was not something Dylan fabricated on spot the night before murder but at least he did not kill anyone and then STILL complained about their ghost... Sheesh :D

19th Dec 2018, 5:55 PM edit | delete | reply

Aw, I'm really proud of Jerry, he seems so... mature? Like, he could say everything but he chooses to care about Dylan's safety and his family. Seriously, I know he can be a jerk sometimes but right now? Dylan doesn't deserve him.
I don't why I find it so touching, perphaps it's the fact that we were meant to believe that the twins haven't really cared about each other but at the moment we see that they do and even after everything Dylan has done, Jerry still doesn't want him dead.
You're an excellent writer, Moth, 10/10 work.

19th Dec 2018, 9:06 PM edit | delete | reply

While I agree with you, deserving has nothing to do with it. If we all got what we deserved, well, lets just say that none of us would like the results, even the people you think are goody-two-shoes. Especially when you're talking about family, you have to make allowances for each other and understand that how we behave during the bad times is just as important as how we behave during the good times.

Jerry and Dylan don't actually hate one another, they're just too alike in ways that they don't want to admit and that's what irritates the snot of them. When they're actually honest with one another they can make progress together, so maybe now that the 'secret' is out, they'll start trying to solve the mystery instead of making it worse. ;)

21st Dec 2018, 5:23 PM edit | delete | reply

"Jerry and Dylan don't actually hate one another, they're just too alike in ways that they don't want to admit and that's what irritates the snot of them."

That is what I am sometimes trying to convince myself of as well before thinking and hitting a wall I do not like :D
I agree completely or at least would love to agree but that murder happened. Good chance Dylan killed and if not Dylan then he was the gun. That to me is more screwed up than some disagreement coming from differences. When one pushed the other down the stairs that seemed more like it. Not better but more like it.

I am all for it though. They are stuck together. Alive or undead. This needs to get solved :D

21st Dec 2018, 7:17 PM edit | delete | reply

I agree that if Dylan killed his brother that it's about as evil a thing as one could possibly do to another, but under the circumstances? I don't think Jerry hates his brother, even if Dylan did murder him, because otherwise he wouldn't be trying to keep him alive. Maybe he has another agenda, but do we really believe that Jerry is that cold & calculating, even now?

Hate is a VERY strong emotion. It twists your mind and reshapes your priorities in ways that are so intentional that you likely cannot be dissuaded from persuing your singular goal of seeking revenge. Hating someone does more harm to you in the long run than it does to the target of your hate, because unless it is mutual, they will continue to live their life freely instead of being constrained by an all consuming emotion. The word is misued liberally, but most of the time there is a far more appropriate word to descrive one's feelings.

23rd Dec 2018, 7:10 PM edit | delete | reply

Mm. If we are talking about current circumstances and not their past relationship in general then I agree. Yup! It has to take a lot of mental strength to decide that even if you are dead and you know the killer and that killer is your brother, you are still going to stick with him until the end and care.
I think it is perfectly understandable why it is so much easier to blame Dylan and focus on him since he is the one who did it (seemingly) and the one alive. However, if this prompts Jerry to think about himself and who he was then that will be interesting but sad.
Regardless, I have to chuckle anyway because this is saying: "I got killed. Now I should ponder what is my fault in this." I dunno. Feels bad no matter how you put it. Extreme action.

Yeah. However, such emotions still manifest themselves differently when something actually does happen. It is one thing to talk about how you should feel and act in such a situation and another is when things happen. And they often happen without any warning.
It is kinda like watching some of the extremely dangerous killers meeting parents or relatives years later. Like that, now woman, who burned her friend alive as a teenager. They get prison for a long time if not for life (or the sentence is shortened). Many people usually comment: "How can you forgive them??" Funny thing is that such killers usually become model prisoners taking care of pets and whatever. It is confusing. Probably the fact that you never know what they actually still think. Hm.
If I am not mistaken a few of such sentences are going to expire during upcoming years? Those that happened in the 80s or late 70s. If the convict is still alive of course.

20th Dec 2018, 7:44 PM edit | delete | reply

“MY family?” Oof. I’d leap to Dyl’s defense and say it’s his too, but he sorta ruined his chance at being a decent member of the Fletcher household when he *killed* one of them.

22nd Dec 2018, 12:12 AM edit | delete | reply

Sort of a 'you're not my brother now' kind of thing

22nd Dec 2018, 5:52 AM edit | delete | reply

Jer seems to care about Dyl a lil more than he lets on :’) man I just want them to hash things out properly

21st Dec 2018, 1:02 AM edit | delete | reply

So Rob was killed by his own brother for some reason, despite the fact that they seemingly had a good enough relationship for Rob to go delusional and pretend he was alive, and then Rob's brother tried to manipulate Dylan into thinking he had done it by using the same Memory viewing trick as regular Jerry. That or Rob committed suicide. Or perhaps Rob's brother possessed him to say that he would be moving away and then killed him. Geez, my whole was just rocked.

22nd Dec 2018, 12:19 AM edit | delete | reply

Rob's bro killed Rob?

I actually don't know myself if Rob was just pretending his brother was alive or if he genuinely thinks he's in London

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