2 in Deepwell
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not a surprise to anyone who's read/remembers the finer details of he original version but THERE HE IS
Suit Jerry's lovely face
very pissed off lovely face


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Wait I'm confused --
Is this Suit Jerry disguised as Robin? Does Jerry see him? Is Dylan still able to touch his brother? Did Jerry forget what happened in the morning?
Waaa :o

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Jerry's a bit distracted right now but he certainly hasn't forgotten
Aaand that's not Robin!

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The true identity of suit Jerry!!
This must be Robin's brother from London! That piebaldism is hardly common (and it's an autosomal dominant genetic condition so odds are even that both brothers would have it). But why this deception? Is he out for revenge...or is something else at work here? He's seemingly a ghost as well...if so the body count just keeps on rising. And one can't help but notice his hospital attire. An interesting development indeed (though I'm not yet entirely certain what to make of it...)

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aaaa you noticed the genetics
(I kida did the same thing with uncle eric earlier who has freckles and brown eyes while neither of dylan's parents do)
and the brother in london thing 8D
ahaaa SOON we will know how it fits together :}

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His face shape is kinda similar too!
(Also; still screaming.)

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Mr horrible
guess we can't call him suit jerry anymore :D

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Whoa! Nicely spotted. I didn't remember his appearance there at all.
So...he was in the fatal Deepwell hospital about a decade back when Dylan and Jerry's mother was dying.
I'm just speculating here, but the mottled skin around his hands suggests that he might have been in septic shock when he met his end (the same thing that their mother died of).

So...it seems likely that something really suspicious went down in the hospital back then (possibly something that's still being covered up by murderous means [insert rampant speculation]).

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He was there the whole time!

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Oh my god
How did you even find this I swear

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Dammit... That is indeed a good catch now that we know how Suit Jerry actually looks like. No more Suit Jerry!
Nice find!

This probably explains why Suit Jerry was there from the start then. As mentioned a few times. So that incident is now more probably to really be the source of origin and chances are the guy's ghost has been using Dylan since...

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It also explains why Suit Jerry gets uncomfortable with any imagery related to Deepwell. For example, in Chris' room or the one time Dylan dreamed about the hospital.

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Yup! There were a few situations like that where Suit Jerry's behavior was a bit baffling and went in another direction than just teasing Dylan about their relationship. The fact the ghost is somebody else more closely related to Deepwell puts that to rest.

I guess the question is how does Ghost Rob's Brother know so well about the two siblings but one possibility is that he was following Dylan since that time OR he really did listen to everything when Dylan "confessed" at Jerry's grave.

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So, uh, this was not on my radar at all and WOW you people are bloody amazing, how do you even remember this…?

16th Dec 2018, 12:56 AM edit | delete | reply

is this another one of Dylans victims:/ he just cant say no huh?

16th Dec 2018, 8:10 PM edit | delete | reply

can't be one of dylan's, this guy hasn't been bricked in the head
clearly his signature style

16th Dec 2018, 8:27 AM edit | delete | reply

This is the first time in the comic that I've started to seriously doubt that Dylan killed Jerry (as opposed to kind of doubt since Dylan is an unreliable narrator). Until this page I thought of Suit Jerry as a manifestation of Dylan's darker impulses and the dance between them was Dylan's spiraling down into madness. Instead it seems that Dylan's been gaslit this whole time by a vengeful spirit. Did this spirit want Dylan to think he killed his brother to push Dylan to suicide? Or has this spirit been haunting Dylan most of his life and goaded Dylan into killing Jerry?

Looking forward to seeing how this all plays out! XD

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This opens up the possibility once again. Yeah.
Thing is that now we know ghosts can assume a form of another person. Which introduces a lot of... possibilities.

It is probably pointless to associate Jerry with Suit Jerry anymore and I guess now there is zero reason to assume he was either Dylan's conscience or Jerry's bad side.
It was complete manipulation from the start??

As for killing Jerry... Yeah. I have no clue why though. Either the whole family business goes waaay back and includes Rob's family as well OR there was some convenience involved for the ghost... Hm.

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Hopefully it's not a letdown for suit jerry to be some other bloke, I feel like by the end of the last chapter just letting him be an hallucination/dylan's bad side might've been a bit meh

as much as I think the next chapters are the most fun, they've also got the most risky plot stuff, lots for me to keep rewriting and feeling nervous about!

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Not a let down at all! This is really exciting stuff! Love this twist! I'm really excited for where the plot is heading! :)

17th Dec 2018, 9:37 AM edit | delete | reply

It's definitely not a letdown! I'm even more excited for the next chapters now that we know Suit Jerry's "final form" c: (thanks for all the comments guys, btw, you really helped me understand what's going on)
Moth, I can tell you're feeling nervous about more potential twists but in all honesty you have proven yourself to be such a competent writer that I have no doubt your plot is gonna be perfect until the very end <3 Don't give yourself a hard time! c:

19th Dec 2018, 5:04 PM edit | delete | reply

"thanks for all the comments guys, btw, you really helped me understand what's going on"
Haha, I feel the same way sometimes but it really goes both ways. No questions, no answers but at the same time knowing something is one thing and explaining it is another and you might find holes in the explanation so it also forces readers to either ask questions themselves or attract others who can correct them and/or provide additional info. That is the model I like anyway :D

Sometimes, to me, the page is like a lecture or presentation (raw info) but it is the follow-up discussion that turns it into something you can process much better and get even more out of it :D
Depends on a genre, depends on the page but happens!

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ok hospital man leave the boys alone aaaaaaa GOOD JOB MOTH IM CONSISTENTLY SURPRISED

17th Dec 2018, 12:45 PM edit | delete | reply

Hm...got the same white hair spot as Rob, but not actually Rob, right? And if he's manifesting as both Dylan and Jeremy's nemesis of sorts, what kind of spirit is this?

I legit had a tinfoil theory though that Dylan did jump, and he actually died but doesn't realize it, and that's why he can hug Jerry.

17th Dec 2018, 3:07 PM edit | delete | reply

"Dylan did jump, and he actually died but doesn't realize it, and that's why he can hug Jerry."


17th Dec 2018, 3:29 PM edit | delete | reply

the plot just got so fucking thick

17th Dec 2018, 10:10 PM edit | delete | reply

No disappointment here, just interest. Give us your best shot, Moth. I can all but guarantee that it'll be great. :)

3rd Jan 2019, 6:36 PM edit | delete | reply

I am so glad bloody Jeremy is back.

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