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That's the most creepy/awful/depressing thing it's said this whole time.

I love your rainy grey colour palette. One of these days I'm gonna have to come through and do some colour picking on your pages :)

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Ah thank you! I'm enjoying this palette a lot because most the page is greyscale :¬)

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I think it's time for him to call the Ghostbusters...

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This scene loses a lot of tension if you just imagine the ghostbusters song in the background

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I had to reread the page a few times in order to get what was wrong with it.

He is wearing the jacket, huh.

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Huh. You are right!
Now I think the jacket should be ritually burned just in case :D

14th Oct 2018, 9:25 PM edit | delete | reply

unlucky jacket

burn it on a
looks at chapter title

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Suit Jerry is enjoying this and that is kind of enjoyable ;)
Run, run, Dylan! You can run but you cannot hide! One option would be to actually disappear that would put him on the top of the suspects list in an instant. Speaking of which, he does not want to meet anyone in this state. Definitely not Vic ;)

I gotta say Dylan is acting very tough though. Not bad. I would say his only ally right now is the church girl. That is where I would go...

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Follow Robin's plan and leave the city before anything else bad happens ;D

He's juust holding it together, even if he's a bit aimless right now!

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Now it is like you want me to think Rob was also haunted by someone or some ghost and either committed suicide or that entity somehow killed him ;)
While it would be interesting if Dylan started copying Rob, I do not think that is what is going to happen, haha.
Nice thought though!

I guess we can once again agree Rob at least knew wassup. Chances are good he knew.

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Calling it now: suit Jerry is one of the Eumenides.

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if he's not a goddess of vengeance, I don't know what is

15th Oct 2018, 2:47 AM edit | delete | reply

They should be friends, these freaks are perfect for each other!

17th Oct 2018, 4:24 PM edit | delete | reply

And they just get on so ell! they don't hate each other at all!

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That's... the sickest burn I have heard in a while. Ouch.

17th Oct 2018, 4:25 PM edit | delete | reply

SJ picks his words carefully :}

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