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Oh man I just realised this page isn't actually entirely finished, I'm just really busy today so we might just have to live with it for now :S

edit:done now i think


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Well shit, I didn't notice that, its kew.

Also oh Lord he's gone and taken care of as in we aren't going to see poor!Jerry much anymore are we just suit!Jerry D:

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Why the D: ? suit jerry is clearly an improvement over that other jerry, just look at his suit and fancy custom speech bubbles!

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So this is when you say: "Deserved. Next." right?
I mean, unless it is a grimdark story where the setting is about kill or get killed, it is kind of hard to sympathize with Dylan and not taking Suit Jerry's side, haha. He should be locked up and done.
I have a prediction for Dylan's ultimate fate but I will leave it for now because I need to first know his upcoming steps... and it is way too soon.

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see at this point, the ending I've got can't really please everyone. I've got people who want dylan punished, people who really want it to turn out he didn't kill jerry and people who just want the bros to be friends again
To be honest the only certain thing is that Jerry can't have a happy ending

12th Oct 2018, 3:50 PM edit | delete | reply

Yes, you cannot please everyone but you can still write the ending the way you want. Then people will either accept it or say "Dang. Shame."
And an ending is far from the actual experience. The experience is the whole story. From a reader's point of view people can select what they liked and what they did not like. If the ending is someone's only concern then that is like buying those lollipops with a chewing gum inside, breaking one open and taking out the gum because you just wanted a gum. Or something.... Ahem.
But not judging. I guess even getting to an ending is rarer these days. Hm.

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Aw he took jerry’s jacket with him :’(

10th Oct 2018, 6:33 PM edit | delete | reply

He's gotten used to having Jerry with him and this is the closest thing he's got left :<

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This is the point where the comic takes a sharp turn and becomes a "wacky situational comedy" in which suit Jerry attempts to impersonate regular Jerry in an elaborate scheme to convince everyone that the whole being dead thing was just a hoax and that Dylan really doesn't need to be arrested after all.

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That would be a mighty plot twist

10th Oct 2018, 7:59 PM edit | delete | reply

The facial expressions on this page are delicious

10th Oct 2018, 10:35 PM edit | delete | reply

Hmmm....Despite Suit Jerry's obvious joy from Dylan's suffering, it still seems like he wants Dylan to get away with "his" murder....

I can't wait to see if my hunches are correct!

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