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Ain't that funny
Sorry for not replying to things last update, I was moving, I'm here now, hi


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WOW!!!!! I am speechless....

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it was a fun page

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Ok, so what I'm getting is that the other Jeremy isn't really Jeremy and is some sort of evil spirit that haunts the town, and that he's tied to the wilted roses, and that the sun floor place is some sort of sacred, spiritual place that he's not supposed to be in for some reason.

7th Oct 2018, 6:32 PM edit | delete | reply

Pretty much. If I am not mistaken the place or at least symbols popped up in Rob's vision as well but that is about it. It is the same room from way back as was already linked below.
No clue honestly.
If we say it IS a sacred or mystical place then one outrageous idea is that Jerry died as a sacrifice for... something and it was planned/manipulated. But there is zero evidence anywhere to suggest anything other than a wild guess :/

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Maybe Jerry and Dylan were somehow destined to stop the spirit together, so the spirit got Dylan to kill Jerry so the prophecy couldn't come true.

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What I find interesting is that, the sun have not only bloody tears but there is also blood gushing from its nose.

I think not.

BTW: Isn´t Dylen missing nose bleed in first panel?

EDIT 6th Oct.2018 9:05
!!Page 7 big clue!!

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He is indeed missing the nosebleed, which is funny given that everything else in the panel is bleeding :')

6th Oct 2018, 7:35 PM edit | delete | reply

I feel like there's some significance to this sun tile room...hm...and it isn't a place we've been before, outside of the spooky stuff, right?

7th Oct 2018, 12:03 AM edit | delete | reply

Yep, we've only seen the smiling sun in the vision of this room with suit Jerry :}

8th Oct 2018, 1:30 AM edit | delete | reply

This comic si beautiful.

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