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why did I use ratatata as rain sounds that doesn't make much sense, me from 3 weeks ago plit plit??


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Meanwhile, someone is in their garden, firing a machine gun...

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XD think I'm gonna change it to a harmless 'drip drop'

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Dylan finally let's Jerry know how he felt and immediately apologizes (not that he shouldn't be sorry about killing him). I just think Dylan should have yelled at Jerry before it reached that point.

Suit Jerry is so confusing. I cant decide what I really think he is...He is an enigma.....

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Yeah. I would say any kind of connection to Rob can be safely discarded by now? Maybe...
I used to think Suit Jerry is Ghost Jerry's bad side but now it might as well be actually Dylan's side or manifestation of what he hated about Jerry or convinced himself of. And Jerry cannot see Suit Jerry because he was not (usually) aware of his acts or jerkiness?

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IF ONly he had just gone out to have a good yell at Jerry that night

Suit Jerry is the main mystery indeed
I almost didn't include him in the 1st version but now he's very integral

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He's gotta be Suit Dylan. I mean, they /are/ twins...

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Honestly, your point is just as probable right now as pretty much any of them so yep! Might as well be! Maybe Suit Jerry is actually Suit Dylan all along.
We really do not know much. Might as well be a completely separate entity taking a certain form. Another point is that Rob MAYBE knew what is going on but he is dead now. Perhaps because of it.

If I am not mistaken, Suit Jerry already appeared waaaay back in the hospital flashback when their Mom died albeit Dylan was not aware of it in any way? Which is probably the biggest mind-eff but if that is the time when actually Suit Dylan was born then maybe!

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No way. Dylan wants to pin it on Suit Jerry now. Yes, there is a man since Suit Jerry is confirmed "real" at least to Dylan so TECHNICALLY he is not lying but that is such a stupid move.

I think it was mentioned before by someone but it is always funny to confirm that yeah, both can be a-holes. Dylan is going to continue whatever it takes to weasel out of it. Like that was just a quick emotional breakdown and now it is back to previous programming.

Dunno about others but you kind of side with Jerry? At least a bit? Or preferably with neither...

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Dyl's just desperate for it not to be his fault!
I guess if you think Suit Jerry is Dylan's bad side, then Suit Jerry really did make him do it ;D makes no difference to Jerry tho

Jerry's like a standard jerky teenage boy, dylan's got a special sort of nasty goin on

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that's me

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