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I’ll be frank, I have no idea how Dylan can possibly talk himself out of this one. Jerry makes a ton of good points.

Also, excellent expressions across the board on this page.

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Only if Jerry acts like... well... Jerry and is going to be convinced with some makeshift reply.
"Jerry, look, I really want to find your murderer but we need to calm down and think about everything. Understand my position that I cannot act hastily right now based on some hazy vision."
That sort of stuff? Perhaps not like that but Dylan can be a good talker although it is true he is somewhat... unstable right now.

Another thing came to mind. What would Dylan lose by simply not playing the game anymore? What can ghost Jerry reveal? Nothing. He probably has better chance at admitting everything and simply talking it out with his ghostly brother. Like brothers. Like... They should have a long time ago :(

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quick dylan, confuse jerry with some long words or something

Thanks re expressions! jerry's heavy sarcasm face is my all time favourite

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So... Vic suspects Dylan quite a lot and he suddenly comes himself and announces he found Rob's body and that Corey knows something for real based on.... Based on nothing other than the possibility that he was really there when it happened.
All that after strongly denying any accusations and acting like he has absolutely nothing to do with the murder.

Yep. I agree it is HARD to come up with an excuse now.
Might as well go "Because I killed you, Jerry! Do you understand? I killed you!" on the next page but I doubt that even more so.
I still think it is inevitable for Jerry to start putting it all together.

Ah. This was all supposed to be easy but who believes in ghosts actually coming back right? Heh.

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Jerry doesn't understand, he's like 'it doesn't matter how wacky you seem, you didn't actually do it!'

honestly maybe the easiest thing for dylan at this point would be to just pretend he can't see Jerry anymore.

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Jerry's starting to seem really bossy, but I hope it's just out of concern for Dylan.

Or maybe this is the Jerry that Dylan would see the most.

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They might both be reaching the end of their tethers

The one thing the boys have in common really is their short tempers

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Quick, somebody conveniently enter the room and end this!! Aaaa I CAN'T TAKE IT

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do you want me to grant your wish and have their little sister walk in on dylan yelling that he did it

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Well, considering Dylan has a tendency to resolve difficulties with family members by means of cold blooded murder…

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I half expect someone to walk in any moment now like


what the fuck

who are you yelling at

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the way he's yelling he'll get the neighbours over

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