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well that was all very vague and confusing
but at least jerry got a snog before he died


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......Goddammit, Corey! We knew you had a much much bigger connection to it all. That probably explains a lot? Like... a lot lot!?
At least that he is a damn good at hiding stuff. I cannot tell if he saw the murder itself though.

Okay. But what did he see exactly? Seems that Robin WAS there and showed him the finger. I suppose after he killed Jerry OR before when he bumped into Corey. The timeline here is not exactly clear or I am just confused.
Doing it after killing Jerry would make sense but we know Dylan... did it?

1. Dylan killed Jerry. Corey saw it. But that happened to Rob?
2. Rob killed Jerry. Dylan killed Rob by accident. Corey might have dragged the body to the canal.
3. I feel like there is another possibility but it escaped me right now. Might edit later >_<

Dylan in the last panel is shocked, naturally, but I think it is more like: "Dammit. So he saw everything." Not sure how to take his reaction, haha.

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The timeline is indeed horribly jumbled, I guess a mishmash of jerry's drunken, concussed memories and dylan's will make for that!
dylan doesn't know what to do with this information either

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I guess I have a question but it is probably an unimportant question. Is that Dylan who took the brick in the middle of the memory? On the sides of the panel with Dylan.

The guy's face (maybe) and especially collar are different. Seems to be the same guy as the one at the end on the left next to sketchy Beth.
I think it is really Dylan but I need to be sure about everything, lmao :D

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That's dylan in the coat he was wearing on the night of the murder
tbh those drawings were super rushed so I might try and make that clearer!

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The artwork for this page is very beautiful, Mothtrap!

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Thank you! the colours here were very fun!

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It's very possible the fence blocked the view of who actually clocked him, assuming I have the layout right.

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There is a odd circular spotlight on the second to last panel of the previous page. Corey's closeup could possibly originate from there, as opposed to looking into Jerry's secret entrance.

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Certificate Text:

Grade: 3 (B?)
3 July 2013


We know that Corey is a pretty bad liar, and if I were Corey, I doubt I would engage in small talk with the guy I suspected of killing my best friend.

Right now, I suspect that Corey witnessed the aftermath of the murder, but knows nothing of the actual murderer.

The one sequence of events I'm a little curious of, did Jerry get kissed (Which Beth Downplayed) before or after the altercation with Rob?

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The certificate says 'passed' though I forgot and had to check on the big version :P

Since the order of the kiss doesn't really matter, I'll say it's as he was leaving the party so comes after the punch.

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Supposing Corey knew (or suspected) Rob to be guilty, could he have killed Rob as payback for Jerry's death? Doesn't seem like something he'd do, though... And Dylan was present, so if he's innocent (which I don't think) he should at least have seen what happened.

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Hehe there's a lot of information on this page but none of it really tells you much ;D not for certain anyway

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I thought I noticed throughout the comic that when Jerry's upset his wound seems to bleed more, but on this page I really see it. His eyeeeeee... :(

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hehe his face is about to get messy

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This is a GREAT panel layout, and has that perfect flash of images to make us feel the same bewilderment/piecemeal memories stuck together.

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Thank you! I think the only clear memory is his kiss there

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