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you don't have the GuTs


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Wow… this was not the direction I expected the update to go. I thought Jerry was going to assault Dylan with The Power of Friendship™ and pull a 'It's a Wonderful World' and show Dylan all the people he's touched, or how Jerry thought Dylan was better than him or something.

… But nope.

I also find this interesting that this seems to be the first paranormal flashback where Dylan isn't an active onlook—er...

… oh

… oh God.

You would. You absolutely would do that to him, Moth. That is HORRIBLE and I love you for it.

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No friendship here, no thanks! He's just gonna prove he's not lying about the shortcut :) he's just gonna relive the night's events :) nothing to worry about :)

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Hold up! Hooold up!

What would Rob want with Beth? Unless that is not necessary. Only that he wanted something and Jerry got overprotective. Sure.
Corey was there. Huh. And he is not exactly pleased with Rob but then he actually knew Rob and met him? OR Rob bumped into him in rage on his way back but that still means Corey was there observing.

Quite distressed Beth, haha. Must have been quite the punch!

Yeah. It is dreadful Dylan might relive the night but this seems like a setup for much more than Dylan killing Jerry even if he did in the end. Not sure how much time passed between Rob and later Jerry leaving but someone also had to notify Dylan in the first place. And I doubt Rob would wait that long but sure, he could have been that much pissed.

I think something does not add up though... It is like there was a third person involved in some way or I just cannot piece it together only between the three.

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what does robin want with beth? same thing jerry wants. I guess things weren't going too well with Rob and his girlfriend

Beth doesn't like people fighting at her party :p

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Ah! I just figured that is not something you would do for some reason ;D

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dylan strong dylan big

21st Aug 2018, 6:34 PM edit | delete | reply

dylan not here

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