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Normally, at this point I'd be asking what Jerry was doing using his shortcut if he didn't have the key. But this is Jerry, and that's all the explanation I need.

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hahahaa gotta wonder how many times he's gone to the gate and realised he's forgotten the key

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You know, if you take it as a series of actions and every action reveals even a tiny bit of information or raises more suspicion then Jerry is bound to put it all together sooner or later. Since it is Jerry I am guessing later but... since it is Jerry I am also guessing never, haha.

"Dyl, where are the keys? No way they disappeared!"
Because if they did then surely someone has them and can then frame Dylan or something else. Not saying Jerry will even think about that but it could be damn close right now and how the hell is Dylan going to talk his way out of this one?? Heh.
Hard to say but I feel like Dylan is well aware of the possibility and maybe inevitability of his brother approaching him about this more seriously once things stop making much sense to Jerry.

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Jerry you must've dropped them or jerry you left them at the party or even they're somewhere buried in the depths of your room and I can't find them would probably all suffice ;)
Jerry seems to think they've always been best buds so even if everything else fits together he still might not believe it

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Mm. That sounds about right. Although that is more reason for something to go wrong. If Jerry ponders the possibility even for a second, he might be that more inclined to ask? True that Dylan can just say whatever but lately Dylan actually regretted a lot and struggled mentally since Jerry expressed honest love for a brother who secretly disliked him.

Heavy, heavy stuff. Very well written on top of that ;_;

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"You don't trust me because I don't actually exist."
Hey, lack of existence is no reason to be prejudiced against someone!

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I expected better from Dylan, he's usually so considerate

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