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1st Aug 2018, 3:15 PM edit | delete

Oof I forgot it was wednesday already
I've been working on thing that aren't the comic for a while now so I'm all out of sorts. pages 12-14 are finished but 8-11 aren't, it's weird, i'm distracted

E: I don't like where I put the 'Good morning jerry' speech bubble, expect that to move tomorrow


1st Aug 2018, 3:56 PM edit | delete | reply

I think it was a good narrative call to have Dylan admit to Jerry earlier in the tale that the police suspect him. It's a solid way to dodge suspicion.

Ooh, the return of the messages. I've been looking forward to this. That said, I'm not convinced the texter is Beth. When Dylan met her, she seemed appreciative of Jerry's activities. That doesn't match the tone of the texts. Maybe it was Justin? He left the party early. Jerry might've been a catalyst for that.

I really like this page. The contrast and execution of Dylan's and Jerry's reactions to Vic's visit are quite expressive. It's also kinda refreshing to see Jerry starting to put the pieces together from his limited perspective.

"I didn't see him coming." Part of the D has a slash through it.

1st Aug 2018, 6:33 PM edit | delete | reply

I do not think Justin would write the messages like that or in that tone but yes, we do not know much about him.
I think someone used Beth's phone, for whatever reason, and sent them. Maybe did not want to use their own or Dylan would answer to Beth better or someone who knows here well and could just borrow the phone.
Yeah, that would fit Justin but then what does he have to do with anything? Hm.
On the other hand, Justin is the one who told Dylan to get himself mentally checked in the past so maybe with Dylan he is completely different. But why this?

Dylan remembers hitting Jerry as he was walking past the gate and I do not think there was a previous mention of Jerry just walking down the road and staring at a wall. Different versions. Hm.
I just do not like the way Jerry says it because dude... What WERE you doing there then?? :D

1st Aug 2018, 9:35 PM edit | delete | reply

To be fair, I don't seriously suspect Justin of anything, but at the same time I don't agree with Dylan's hypothesis that it's Beth. On the other hand, as you suggested, someone could've used Beth's phone (and erased the correspondence after).

Jerry's take isn't necessarily different. Dylan did ambush him from the other side of the wall.

1st Aug 2018, 10:25 PM edit | delete | reply

justin... justin is a twat. that's his entire personality. he just wants to impress beth.

Jerry's 'I'm thinking really hard' faces kept me amused drawing this page :P poor boy is always a bit behind on the situation.

1st Aug 2018, 10:56 PM edit | delete | reply

TBH, I got a kick how you had Dylan make a 180 from having a psychotic breakdown to impassively checking his texts.

2nd Aug 2018, 10:58 PM edit | delete | reply

I need to read back and check if Dylan ever said anything that contradicts the texts…

It seems reasonable that the messages are from Beth. It seems doubtful that the person who sent the latest message was male because signing messages to a mere acquaintance with an "x" is much more common for women than for men. Also, Beth strikes me as a relatively decent person—someone who would arrange an escort for a drunk friend, or invite his surviving brother to a send-off despite your strained relationship with him.

3rd Aug 2018, 6:26 PM edit | delete | reply

"Jerry's take isn't necessarily different. Dylan did ambush him from the other side of the wall."
Hm, true. It seemed to me like Jerry's or Vic's version described a different place of murder but Dylan's version is not exactly clear either and what you linked makes sense.

The last message probably really is Beth, no reason to suspect otherwise, but we were talking about the previous messages and how someone could use her phone.
I agree Beth is probably largely unrelated to anything that happened. I mean, it is kind of cool to find reasons sometimes but I do not see any in this case :D

1st Aug 2018, 4:56 PM edit | delete | reply

Aha I know the feel of getting later pages done first. It's all good Moth, just keep doing your thing.

1st Aug 2018, 10:26 PM edit | delete | reply

Ya I find there are some pages you just need a looming deadline to force you to finish :')
thanks :>

1st Aug 2018, 11:11 PM edit | delete | reply

Fantastic update! The dynamic between Dylan and Jerry just keeps evolving and giving me more reasons to like both characters. I still question whether Jerry is a ghost or a hallucination (Suit Jerry lends credence to that theory in my opinion), but either way he makes for an an entertaining character. :)

Also, it could just be a coincidence, but It was fun seeing my vote take the rank from 1024 to 654. :D

2nd Aug 2018, 11:57 PM edit | delete | reply

Aww...today my vote only took it from 498 to 462. Bummer. ;)

3rd Aug 2018, 7:00 AM edit | delete | reply

Ahaa, I'll post the link on tapas tomorrow and then perhaps we will see the magic??

And thank you, I sure do enjoy working their relationship! Glad it's good to read :>

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