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24th Jul 2018, 3:30 PM edit | delete

One day early because I'm speeding off to the other side of the country tonight and I don't trust the auto schedule thingo
Vic still writes notes on her hand like a pro


24th Jul 2018, 4:08 PM edit | delete | reply

Was buying milk a crucial part of the case or is she also using her hand as a shopping list,

24th Jul 2018, 4:16 PM edit | delete | reply

Who could concentrate on such an important case without milk

25th Jul 2018, 1:07 AM edit | delete | reply

I'm going to demand a callback to the milk, like 4 chapters from now.

25th Jul 2018, 1:12 PM edit | delete | reply

Didn't you hear? Buying milk is far more crucial than solving cases - it's impossible to do so without milk anyways!

25th Jul 2018, 6:52 PM edit | delete | reply


The note is a clue. Yeah. If green goo can be a clue in that crappy NES Dick Tracy game then surely milk can be a clue here ss well.

Vic 20 pages from now: "Aha! I knew he hated milk while Jeremy liked it! Motive!!"

24th Jul 2018, 4:38 PM edit | delete | reply

It seems the police department's budget doesn't suffice for buying notepads...

24th Jul 2018, 6:43 PM edit | delete | reply

Perhaps that explains why they haven't solved this yet :(

24th Jul 2018, 8:47 PM edit | delete | reply

Wow Dylan try avoiding eye-contact some more, that should make her less suspicious.

Though, I'd probably be uncomfortable with those questions even if I didn't kill my sibling.

24th Jul 2018, 9:36 PM edit | delete | reply

Probably doesn't help having said sibling right there listening to you

25th Jul 2018, 6:19 AM edit | delete | reply

Very distracting

25th Jul 2018, 5:51 PM edit | delete | reply

That's an interesting bit of psychology. I wonder if Dylan is right?

25th Jul 2018, 6:56 PM edit | delete | reply

Dylan, if I were job interviewing you then I might already be decided what to do next... Alas, police investigation is not exactly that :(

For real though: Somewhat understandable and I think a lot of people would act the same so I cannot blame this completely on Dylan. He is under pressure from constant questions pretty much suspecting him of murder.
If anything, I am curious about Jerry... I still fear he might start putting two and two together buuuut... It would a complete shift from the very trusting Jerry from the last few pages. Still...

Just to be sure. Jerry can perfectly see and hear Vic, right?

25th Jul 2018, 8:55 PM edit | delete | reply

Yeah he can hear, he's going to get all of Vic's story :}

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