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We consider Jerry slow but maybe the person who's really slow here is Dylan. Like he is a few years late.

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He's,,, emotionally slow.

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Was Dylan the one who had no friends during high school while Jerry had most? Chris was a good friend of his, right? And I guess Corey and he at least knew the rest. If he did not want to join them then that was his choice, sure, but then would have helped with Jerry as well. Maybe.

I kind of get it because I remember I had a group of friends and my bro as well and I could never get along with his friends while he did not talk much with mine. So in school we stuck with our own friend group but that was it. Nothing bad otherwise. Dylan should have started much sooner, yup. Correct me if I am wrong but Jerry never actually rejected him?

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Jerry is in the little popular group and hangs about with people who make him look good. They don't like people like Chris and Dylan, and Dylan ain't gonna hang around with people who tell him to 'go back to the mental hospital'. Jerry's friends would happily bully people like Dylan.

Corey only started hanging out with Chris after he fell out with Jerry ;)

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Good grief, is he monologing out loud?

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Ahaa maybe! But probably more of an angry mumble about his bike

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GUH I remember kids like Justin at school. I feel like we all remember kids like that from school...

Also Jerry's tiny "sorry" makes my heart sad. I've really grown attached to these boys, and I feel like things are only going to go further downhill, with increasing speed.

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one of my fave pages so far, I love all the reds and blues and that last panel aaaaaah

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Thank you! This was a fun one to colour for sure

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