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end of chapter :}


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I love the little detail that you can see the Physics book from two perspectives.

Actually, in general you do a great job with rooms. They aren't generally simply four walls and a door. They have crevices and shapes that betray that they're part of a greater building.

And wow… Dylan has to feel like such a tool. Here's the guy he murdered in cold blood, and he just wants to go on a backpacking adventure with him.

But… hmm. How many days was Jerry wandering before he encountered Dylan in the cemetery?

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Thank you! Now I just need to add more contents to the rooms :'D my excuse is that Dylan's very tidy.

I honestly don't remember how many days it was supposed to be between his death and reappearance but Jerry was only really supposed to have been about for the day that Dylan met him.

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Maybe all Dylan ever wanted was to spend more time with Jerry... I feel like Jerry isn't even aware of how he made Dylan feel while he was alive...

Is this the first time Dylan's cried since Jerry died?

(oops, I fixed it.)

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It is indeed the first tear shed!
(impressive triple post you got there :'D )

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Agreed :/
Up until the point when Dylan supposedly killed him, Jerry was always an eyesore to him and we had a full monologue how Jerry always hugged all the spotlight.
I suppose this is still Dylan's fault because even if the real Jerry was mostly a jerk, he always was approachable and talky. And they are brothers for god's sake...

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Hehehehehe oh boy is this ever good

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enjoy their suffering
they have plenty more coming :¬D

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Hell yes

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This is... heavy. I still cannot sympathize with Dylan fully because they are brothers, dammit, but I guess he does feel bad about the whole thing. Honestly, he should just say what happened if he is really the one who did it or thinks so. But I guess that would be hard after this speech.

Also, you are absolutely amazing at their dynamic. So much that I hope NOTHING is based on something real. Not murder, lmao, but maybe family stuff. I always had a good relationship with my own brother and we still do but theirs here can be felt a lot regardless ;_;
I mean, they should have gone backpacking a long time ago. Sheesh! :/
Lastly, I do not think Jerry has the right idea. As real as this ghost feels, he is not real. At all. Nope. It would not work. That and Dylan would grow old while Jerry would remain the same...

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Do you think Jerry would want to know that the brother he's stuck with apparently hated him so much he'd kill him?

Thank you! :D and don't worry, I get on fine with my sisters :')

yeah jerry... can't really have a happy ending, can he?

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I thought about the growing old thing too...that would get really depressing.

This is a little dark, but if Dylan died soon too and they can spend the afterlife together and be happy that way... but who knows what fate has in store for them...

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This would be so sweet if it wasn't for the fact that y'know...Dylan killed Jerry XD

I have to resist the temptation to read all the fan theories...I want to see if I can figure this one out on my own! It does suck thought missing out on the discussion.

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'This situation would actually be quite nice if anyone but me had killed him' - dylan probably

Hehe in those theories I can say there is some right stuff, some wrong stuff and some stuff that hasn't even been considered ;D Do you have a theory? :o

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Just, ya know, for the record, I usually post my wild theories here instead of at Tapas because Tapas has a much more populous community, and at the time almost no one was posting on the home site. I figured I would be doing the least damage here in terms of people's experiences. (some people love theories, some want to be surprised as they go) But if I'm going overboard don't hesitate to tell me. I'll try to cut back.

That said, I concur with Moth, I'd love to hear any theory you have.

Personally, I'm more enticed with the idea that there's something I've missed, a lot more than what I've gotten right and wrong. (Stuff I've gotten wrong actually excites me since it means I can be surprised like a normal human being later on.) I'm honestly curious if some of the theories I'm sitting on might be related to those ones that haven't been considered yet. Personally, I'm leaning on no, since the ones I've got remaining are mostly like the "Rob's stab victim" one… mostly based on conjecture not backed by anything in the comic, but more my guessing where the story might go and how.

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I agree plus it actually starts with another reader. For example, if there is an actual discussion going on or a point that is interesting to consider, it can start things.

You can propose your hypothesis but what helps is someone in either the opposition or support which either helps you rework it or reconsider its details OR you agree and still obtain another point of view which might be developed or you missed it.

Plus it a good work to hypothesize about. Sometimes easier, sometimes harder but it keeps the right balance and a lot of hooks to use :D

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The sweetest moments are the saddest I find :>

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Oh no, on rereading this I came to a terrible realisation. Not only did Dylan not seem to appreciate Jerry until after he died, but it seems Jerry didn't appreciate Dylan until he had no one else to talk to...


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Yeup! :}

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