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you're close in some regards and far off in others

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I kinda like how at least to me Dylan has gotten to the point where he trying to slash almost believes there’s no way he killed jerry as well as not really even remembering killing rob (if he even did kill rob!?!)

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Yup! That is really nice and interesting to see!
One reason why people started saying: What if Dylan actually did not kill anyone?
Since the talk at the sewers and with Corey, Dylan displayed (for him) genuine interest and confusion as to what happened which is curious provided he knows so well that he killed Jerry. Or knew...

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Alright, I think I've got a new theory to add.

When Dylan was um… we'll say tempted… there was some scratchy text involved with the planted ideas in panel 6. It's quite similar to the scratchy text involved in panel 3 when Dylan murdered Jerry.

Here's my takeaway, if we assume that both scenes are related, then it's probably a safe assumption that both ideas were planted in Dylan's head. The problem, or rather the difference, is that the scene with the Undertaker's Daughter was something Dylan absolutely did not want to do. Dylan's character is incompatible with that of a predator.

Because Dylan was able to resist the idea with the Undertaker's Daughter, it stands to reason that if Dylan was in the right mind, he could have resisted the urge to kill his brother. Unfortunately, I believe that Dylan's hatred of Jeremy was legitimate—unlike the urge to take advantage of the Undertaker's Daughter. Whoever the voice is gave Dylan an outlet for all that pent up aggression.

As the comic has demonstrated, what the boys needed was an opportunity to talk things out and bond, however unlikely that was going to take place without Jerry dying. Unfortunately, Jerry died before such reconciliation could take place.

At this point, I believe that Dylan was an (perhaps unwitting) accomplice to Jerry's murder, but an accomplice none the less. That said, I have no idea if there even was a reason the third party wanted Jerry dead in the first place, he may simply have been a convenient target.

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What do you think of the last panel?
I cannot decide if Dylan is lying to Jerry or is thinking that for real. I do not think Suit Jerry on any occasion even said Dylan killed Rob. He always taunted him about being Jerry's killer. I understand Dylan would not just say: "He told me I killed you! I did not kill you!" to Ghost Jerry but I am still not sure if mentioning Rob here is legit confusion.

As for your own points:

I understand you believe someone possessed Dylan which is one hypothesis mentioned a few times. But here I take it you think someone exploited Dylan's dislike for his borther (I agree that seemed genuine) and amplified it to the point that Dylan started to believe he killed Jerry but it was someone else who killed him and pinned it on Dylan by invading his thoughts/psyche?

You worded it almost as if someone wanted to prevent the boys from sorting out the differences and that night proved to be the right chance to get rid of Jerry but yes, who would want that? Hm.

I guess we are back to Rob mentioning multiple murders and that something is going on in the city as a whole. Not saying it is as easy as some spirit possessing people and taking relevant forms but... there is something going on with all these symbols and mosaics as Dylan mentioned.
I am thinking there is an origin of sorts but I cannot say anything more.

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Suit jerry *suggests* dylan killed rob here and Dylan's just kinda gone 'hmm yeah that sounds like me oh damn'

suggestible boy

25th Jun 2018, 2:34 PM edit | delete | reply

Regarding the last panel, Dapper Jerry strongly implied without actually saying that Dylan murdered Rob. I think it's a case of splitting hairs. Technically Dapper Jerry didn't tell Dylan he murdered Rob, but practically he did.

Regarding the murder, Indeed, before I thought that Dylan was possessed when he murdered Jerry. Now I believe there's some manner of autonomy involved in the murder. A third party may have been egging him on to murder Jerry, but at the end of the day Dylan didn't have second thoughts about killing Dylan like he did with the Undertaker's Daughter. Basically, Dylan's not guilty, but he's not innocent either.

I'm not convinced that the third party necessarily didn't want the boys to reconcile, but rather that the path the third party egged Dylan on prevented reconciliation from properly occurring—if it could happen at all. Basically I'm saying this path showed who Dylan is in the dark, and only then.

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Thanks! That makes it better :>
I guess Dylan is genuinely confused here, huh. I still find it funny how he will not admit Suit Jerry told him much more than that ;)

"Dylan's not guilty, but he's not innocent either."
Complete agreement. I do not think Dylan really killed Jerry because things point at much more than that but at the same time I would find it very surprising if it turned out Dylan is completely innocent and every that happened was someone else's doing. He is not a good person, his issues with Jerry were real and he strongly believes or believed he caused something that night.

At this point the supposed third party might not even be anyone from the locals but a completely different force altogether...

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