19 in Drain
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Dapper Jerry's inner… dialog(?) without Jerry being conscious off it seemingly adds some weight to my idea that Dapper Jerry is possessing Dylan, at least, since I dismissed the idea that Dapper Jerry is some manifestation of Dylan's conscience.

The last frame's context is a bit odd, but I'm assuming that Jerry means that he saw Robin during the visit to Corey. (As opposed to seeing him during the fallout.)

With that in mind… I think if Jerry (and Dylan) saw Rob's ghost briefly after the autumn flashback, then I'm really curious what the significance of what might be a utility knife in Corey's drawer. Rob's front lacks any stab wounds, or any injury to speak of at all, and the back of his corpse didn't have any either. As best as I can tell, the drawer's contents couldn't have played a roll in Rob's death. I still suspect Corey murdered Rob, but I'm back to square one with regards to how.

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Just one thing, square bubbles are always Dylan's thoughts - so far Jerry hasn't said anything about Robin's 'ghost'

You're determined that Robin didn't just... Drown :p

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Ah. I think the fact that Dylan was looking in Jerry's direction and the fact that the inner monologue started with 'and' lead me to believe it was Jerry talking. I didn't think the blocks meant anything special since Jerry was off frame. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Honestly, I haven't ruled out drowning—at least being the ultimate cause of death—but there's no question in my mind about foul play. =P Corpses are never just corpses in mysteries.

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What do we have on Robin's ghost? Other than the single instance when Dylan saw Robin instead of Corey. Since Rob did look wet and zombie like, it would make sense because Ghost Jerry still has the visible head wound. It is like ghosts retain their cause of death, hm.

Although Dylan could have just seen a vision. I am also not sure why would he see Ghost Rob but I guess it is possible under these circumstances.

Do you think Corey can see Ghost Robin just like Dylan can see Ghost Jerry? No idea but I am thinking Dylan cannot be the only who can see these ghosts...

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Unfortunately I can't read too much into Rob's apparition. Assuming that's the state Rob was in when he died, it could be anywhere from "It was raining when I kicked the bucket" to "I drowned." I'm leaning on drowned though.

As for why Dylan might've seen Rob's ghost… two possibilities spring to mind. A) Dapper Jerry is Rob, and the flashback & apparition are like mental leaks. B) Rob is haunting Corey and Dylan can ride some sort of 'kindred spirits' connection to see him so long as they're all close.

It's a good question, if Corey can see Rob. But that might also imply that Annie can see her mom, since it was Annie's birth that lead to their mom dying.

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I cannot say if all ghosts really retain their cause of death in some form but I think quite a few people pointed out Suit Jerry has no visible head wound...
Ghost Jerry has and Apparition Rob appeared wet. However, there is also no rule that all ghosts have a double and ultimately yes, we are not 100% sure about Suit Jerry.

Yup. I am leaning towards option B myself.

Good point. Not enough data to conclude that all people who had a connection with the deceased person can see their ghosts. Unless the connection is something like murder or something very close like twins. Mother and daughter is close though so... back to square[0].

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Dylan's having a moment in the last panel there. I dig it. >:3

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He's always having a moment

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To be fair:
1) Dylan intruded and started being pushy about a very sensitive topic. I would probably kick him out myself.
2) Jerry is not exactly direct here either. I guess BOTH do not like bringing the issue up.

Just a hunch but it feels like another murder is going to happen soon. Of course, I have no idea who could be a target and it is a total guess but it is that feeling when they snooped around too much for one day and something is going to counter it...

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Hmm… another murder victim.

Chris is a possibility. I could see some interesting drama unraveling if he were to kick the bucket. Secondary guesses include Beth, Rob's girlfriend, and Dylan's Dad.

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Yeah. I doubt the murders have stopped and we can safely suspect that there is something behind everything and MAYBE Robin was aware of it. He spelled out people die in the town.
Another murder at this point sounds like something that can happen because things have progressed a great deal.

Chris - I agree. Another person who had a beef with Jerry is dead.
Beth - She seems largely unrelated BUT she had a connection with Jerry if I am not mistaken. Sheesh!
Rob's GF - Now that would be a little too suspicious and interesting at the same time since she has apparently opened her mouth... Hm. Whatever she said.
Dylan's Dad - Tragic, really. That would also draw even more attention to Dylan because the police might just conclude someone is targeting his family. Dylan would be put under constant surveillance/protection (whether they suspect him or not but then mostly semantics)

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Totally unrelated to very intriguing plot, but that painting on the left looks familiar. Leonid Afremov, maybe? It's pretty

17th Nov 2018, 8:19 PM edit | delete | reply

Ah it's one of mine - definitely inspired by afremov though, i love how colourful and rainy his pieces are!

17th Nov 2018, 9:23 PM edit | delete | reply

Oh, that really shows! Awesome :)

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