18 in Drain
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goodness even i don't have anything to say about my comic at this point


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Well Dylan, do you wish you could’ve changed things?

Honestly, I loved that piece of dramatic irony.

That aside, I’m starting to wonder if Jerry’s jacket is hiding an important clue, like something he might’ve picked up at the party (business card, Black rose, blood splatter, tomorrow’s test answers etc). From an investigative standpoint, the trip to visit Corey has been otherwise unfruitful. Corey himself hasn’t admitted to anything, and while we as viewers have reason to suspect the drawer’s contents via framing, Dylan doesn’t have that advantage.

But, maybe the incident will get Jerry to open up about what exactly went down between them?

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Well, Dylan did learn something about Rob, even if he knows he won't get anything useful out of Corey directly. plus corey's pissed him off now, so he's gonna leave.

Yeah, hopefully jerry has something he's willing to add now!

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Pretty much. Plus the nice part is that this page can be understood in multiple ways depending on who you suspect and what is your favorite hypothesis. It is sometimes like you should consider every piece of dialogue because it might or might not support your current case.

Corey is right though. He struck Dylan at his weak spot. You are Jerry's brother after all. You probably take this the hardest.
And if Dylan or you still believe he killed Jerry then it is also a wake up call. Why worried when you wanted Jerry dead anyway?
Lastly, depending on your point of view, Dylan looks like he is both asking if Corey saw something that night or if Corey could have seen him... Although I think that is less probable because Corey would act differently overall.

"Even though you fell out and he died hating you?"
Heh. That is kid of a dumb thing to ask. If I were Corey I would raise my brow but then he did kick Dylan out immediately. That or I would feel threatened because Jerry's brother tried to imply I might have done something to Jerry because of the incident.

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"He died hating you." Ouch, not very nice Dylan.

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Corey really struck a nerve there huh? Dylan still can't help lashing out

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What if Corey had said "I saw you kill him?" What a conundrum he'd be in...

I assume that's why Dylan was poking so much, but he's selling it so well that I almost question whether he believes he did it or not.

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I guess Dylan would have to hope that because Corey hasn't said anything yet, he's not intending to. gotta be rough turning in your best friend's brother!

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