12 in Drain
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25th Apr 2018, 2:06 PM edit | delete

first two panels give me a good old giggle

edit: i forgot to put bones on jerry's jacket in the bottom panel rip


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Hmm… if I'm reading Dylan correctly, he seems to think that the reason Rob didn't murder Jerry at the party was because Corey ran interference, as he is wont to do.


Corey wanted to go to the party.

Corey changed his mind, and said he never wanted to go.

Then showed up anyway and saved Jerry?

I wonder what really happened that night...

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Exactly. This makes Corey look better so I guess I can drop parts of my suspicion? :D
Nah, not yet!

Also, I love Dylan here. If we assume he really did kill Jerry blabla all that then this is a superb act. Like... Think about it. He is making calm and collected detective like points that all sound very plausible to find a murder in a case where he is the murderer and he knows it. Holy crap! Is there another story where this happened?? I want to know!

Yes, makes you wonder what ACTUALLY happened then and what Dylan in that case fabricated.
Seems that Corey had a bad feeling, arrived at the scene and saw... a lot. He HAS to have a reason why he lied about not being at the party but also why he lied to Dylan. Both friend and more importantly his best friend's brother.
Kinda makes you wonder that if the killer really were Dylan, Corey would probably be all over him already. Unless he took it out on Rob, hm.

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Hmm… I don't think it was as simple as 'having a bad feeling'.

In retrospect, I suspect the reason Corey didn't go to the party was due to his fight with Jerry that supposedly ended their friendship. (Assuming I'm remembering the sequence of events correctly. (I'm too lazy to pour over the archives again today.)) Corey does mention that he was the wrong party in his fight with Jerry, so maybe his conscience was biting at him and he went to the party to either/both apologize to Jerry and/or to play guardian angel.

I'm honestly curious what got between the two of them. Normally I might suspect it was something big, but Jerry's the sort of person who burns bridges because "It was cold out, it was made of wood, and screw anyone who tried to stop me." So, uh, there's that to consider.

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That is a very good point!

I do think Suit Jerry is exactly that side. Jerry suggesting and doing bad things because it is simply a part of him. But what kind of fallout happened? Hm.

You know, nobody else can see the ghosts but there is a good chance Jerry acted as both to a lot of people so they saw them in a way. If Dylan did not kill him then Jerry had to be a major jerk to someone else. If Corey is innocent and just had a change of heart and wanted to apologize and suddenly stumbled upon... whatever happened that night... then it could not be Corey. If it were Rob then what manner of evil Jerry caused to him? Rob was a troublemaker (apparently) but there does not seem to be much when it comes to him and Jerry?

Maybe I should not be suspicious of Corey directly (despite still not being completely sure about his innocence) but maybe what kind of mess his last minute actions caused. If that makes sense.

Maybe they had a fight, ended their friendship, Corey said or did something he should not and ultimately caused Jerry's death. He realized his error, arrived at the scene but too late. Eh...

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might be missing a word in panel 3's "Why do think Rob ran off so fast"

otherwise shit I wonder what these cops are gonna think of Dylan being here as well :3c

27th Apr 2018, 6:10 PM edit | delete | reply

Ah thank you! I don't know how I'm making all these typos recently haha

HMM we'll see ;>

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