8-9 in Drain
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Author Note

14th Apr 2018, 2:31 PM edit | delete

because both of these pages seemed sort of... useless on their owns I thought I'd stick em together in one an get them over with
Glad that scene is over


15th Apr 2018, 6:48 PM edit | delete | reply

"Do not worry, bro. We will solve this case. The case of me killing you actually. Haha."

Pretty much :D

Jerry is the more enthusiastic one though. I am surprised Dylan suggested reporting Rob's body because I still think that would be suspicious. You randomly found the prime suspect dead in a middle of nowhere in some drain. I dunno. More so when you are also another suspect.

And I do not like the idea about Corey either. I suspect him and if they start snooping around, he might realize Dylan is on the case. That is provided Corey really did something bad.

What else is there to do, right? Funny because I guess the easiest option would be to admit everything to Jerry. He is a ghost and he cannot do anything. Maybe? Not that would do much but you never know. Might turn out Jerry would actually come up with something to cover his own murder by his own brother. Sheesh!

Dylan is his worst enemy. Heh. Suit Jerry might be Jerry's jerk side but one that is a constant reminder of that.

17th Apr 2018, 11:22 PM edit | delete | reply

Hey, Dylan may not actually have any intention of telling the police about Rob, he just needs some reason to go poking about in his business without telling Jerry the truth ;D Which, yeah, may actually be simpler for him, now he's got to make up weird lies just to investigate the people he thinks might know something about who he has and hasn't killed...

18th Apr 2018, 6:32 PM edit | delete | reply

Truth. Considering Dylan will not be confused as all hell. Sometimes I am NOT sure he believes the incident happened himself :D

17th Apr 2018, 11:18 PM edit | delete | reply

It's always such a good feeling to wrap up a scene. I'm getting so close to the end of one now it's driving me nuts.

This scene though, this was so unexpected and grisly! I fucking loved it! I hope we get to learn how Rob ended up in there. Jesus. And I really wonder if Dylan is having some kind of memory block or not. You weave your story so well, Moth. Keep up the great work!

17th Apr 2018, 11:40 PM edit | delete | reply

Thank you!
Hehe who ever would have expected one of my characters to show up dead? ;D
Everything should be answered in due time...

20th Apr 2018, 11:52 PM edit | delete | reply

Very nicely done! It's fun to see these two interacting, even if Jerry is dead. :)

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