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I didn't like drawing this :/
Anyone who shipped them, uh
you probably shouldn't


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Yes, Dylan, you do have his blood on your hands. Does that illusion mean she can sense something? But probably just the fact that Dylan would do another impulsive move.
Not sure what to make of the middle third panel but my guess is the above.

Hm. I am still not sure if Jerry knew her better. If yes and if Dylan knows then yeah, that would be another strike against his brother he already killed. Since the evil ghost acts kinda like his bad conscience...
It is easy, really. Do something and other actions may become easier to do as well. Dylan already took a life by force so taking anything else is probably less.

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It doesn't look like he much wants to take anything any more! Fortunately!

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You know, Evil Jerry didn't start showing up until after Dylan entered Graveyard Girl's house. There could be a connection between the two events.

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You know, on the last page where I demanded that Jerry show his useless butt and haunt these two, that wasn't the Jerry I meant. That's what I get for keeping that dumb monkey's paw around.

Hmm… I think this may be the first sign that Dapper Jerry is no mere hallucination. Thus far he's been playing on Dylan's doubts, insecurities, and conscience by being a harsh dose of honesty in the face of Dylan's deceit; all things we do to ourselves at some level. But in this instant, Dapper Jerry's obtusely tempting Dylan to do something that frankly isn't even on his radar.

Mind, I'm not yet suggesting Dapper Jerry is sentient in the way Ghost Jerry is. Could be a demon, an implanted idea, a hypnotic suggestion where Dylan's psyche fills in the rest.

On the other hand, thus far I've dismissed Dapper Jerry's indictment in Robin's murder as Dylan had 0 motive. However, if Dapper Jerry told Dylan to murder Rob as he's telling Dylan to take advantage of the Undertaker's Daughter, that gives the missing motive: "The Devil made me do it". Ironic though that Dylan's baseless accusation that Dapper Jerry made him do it may actually be founded.

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Here's a thought: Dapper Jerry is really Dapper Dylan. Perhaps what we've actually been witnessing is more of a traditional "angel on my shoulder, devil on my back", treatment and, in this case, the "devil" is Dapper Jerry/Dylan who represents the repressed anger/impulse/psychosis that drove Dylan to kill Jerry, and Ghost Jerry is the "angel" who represents his conscience.

Whatever the case may be, this is either going to be a very short relationship, or a very long and complex one. Personally, I'm hoping she ends up being a positive influence that helps Dylan out of this mess, whatever the resolution (even if it's prison time, but with a clear conscience), and not another victim of "Dapper Jerry".

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Hmm. I do like this theory, though of the three possibilities you mentioned (anger, impulse, psychosis) I think only the latterer may apply, at least as far as it applies to today's comic. He's certainly not angry at her, and if there's any attraction for impulse to act upon, I think it's exclusively from the Undertaker's Daughter's side, as Dylan didn't seem to even understand why she was talking to him back at the funeral. I mean, any/all could apply when it came to Jerry's murder, but not necessarily here.

And, if this were the first version of the comic, I'd be all down for it. Pre-revision Dylan looked mentally ill in a very clinical sense. However, aside from the Jerrys this Dylan seems more or less sane.

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You are correct, I am not limiting the anger/impulse/psychosis theory to just this current scene, I am speaking in general terms about Dylan's mental state. He appears to have a great deal of repressed anger and resentment towards Jerry, which is unlikely to remain contained indefinitely and will eventually (if it hasn't already - we don't have much of a baseline for reference) spill over into other relationships in his life, even new acquaintances like this one. Those repressed feelings, in turn, could account for the psychosis he either has or is developing, ostensibly brought on by the death of his twin brother, which he seems convinced was his deed, but he also appears to be entertaining the idea that he's just imagining it. Whether Dylan did or did not murder Jerry, the trauma is seriously impacting his mental health. It remains to be seen how this scene will play out, but as it has been noted, it's a good sign that he's rejecting the suggestion of his inner thought/haunting on this page.

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You read the archives recently so you know better and Dylan there seemed more mentally unstable.
In this version, I think Dylan is more worried about what he did. If we assume he really killed Jerry since the thought of actually not killing him was suggested as well.

What I am trying to say is that the past version Dylan would be more inclined to accept her forcefully than this Dylan so it is hard to compare. This Dylan seems more concerned and more prone to screw ups.

Although I am not sure how far we should go in terms of comparing a past story to its reboot in the first place :D
Still, it could be valuable info to use in some way!

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Yikes. Ghost voices or intrusive thoughts? Or a mix of both? Pretty scary either way.

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Things get preeetty bad for this wretched boy.

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Aaaand there's a ship sailing RIGHT out of the harbour… :-/

Edit: Christ, I looked at it again and I'm sooo deeply creeped out, that little oblique panel at the end of the third row is… uuuurgh…

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Yeeeup! I like to make it clear that there is -no romance- in this comic.
Except maybe between Chris' friends

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[Quietly throws DylanxCorey in the fire alongside DylanxThoughtfulGothGirl]

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I'm convinced that suit Jerry is just a representation of his nasty thoughts and guilt. THIS IS GREAT

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