Dylan Fletcher

A quiet, studious young man who may or may not be able to see ghosts, which he firmly does not believe in. He's just killed his brother.

Nobody is really sure if his hair is brown or blonde.

Eyes: Brown

Height: 180cm

Age: 17


Jeremy Fletcher

Jerry is Dylan's twin brother. He used to like getting drunk at parties and hanging about with his friends in the forest. Now he's just a dead jerk. 

He used to have a one-sided crush on his friend, Beth.

Eyes: Brown

Height: 179cm

Age: 17



The girl at the funeral parlour loves a good chat. Almost too friendly, works for her father, the undertaker. She puts makeup on corpses and has a love of cute and spooky things.

Eyes: Green

Height: 163cm

Age: 19


Christopher Parker

Chris is Dylan's best, if not only, friend. He likes magic and unsuccessfully asking girls out. He's something of a dork.
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 172cm
Age: 18

Victoria Barrett

Detective Constable working with the inspector on Jeremy's murder. Sharp and stubborn. Don't get on her bad side.
And it's Vic, never Vicky.
Eyes: Amber
Height: 170cm
Age: 32

Corey MK

Tall, sandal-wearing, beard-having, ex-friend of Jerry's. 
Eyes: Never open
Height 197cm
Age: 18